As many of you can relate, some of the biggest fears and understandable so, is the lack of sleep that we face as mothers in the new born stages. It is not to take away from any of the love that we have for these adorable newborns, but HOLY SMOKES.

So to honor the lack of sleep we will face at some point during motherhood, I figured we should get that knocked out of the way and be the headliner for my very first post!

So how can I help?

I have always been the “follow their lead” mother. What I mean by that is I let my babies take the drivers seat when it comes to sleep. We can all agree to disagree that each child is unique and what works for my kids may not work for you…and that is okay.

But what I would regret sharing with you all is the absolute love I have this time around for the wonderful Magic Merlins Sleep Sac. I preface that I did not use this with my first born… and if you stay tuned, below I have provided a very detailed chart comparing the two kids. Some key differences in my kids were this:

Refused to sleep on his backLoves to sleep on her back
Refused to sleep Loves to sleep
It is as simple as that!

Some may laugh at my very detailed chart above, but that was my deciding factor. Izzy came out of the womb a lover of sleep, and Noah the life of the party. Although I have no recommendation to help your child who may not be sleeping sleep…I can help your already sleepy child sleep just that much more! With the Merlin Magic Sleep Sac, we did increase our sleep windows almost 3 additional hours… and that folks was the win I was looking for.

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