And just like that, my son is no longer in preschool… my bank account is looking larger and at the same time I am sad. Sad about the wonderful daycare updates: what did he eat for lunch, how many times did he go to the bathroom, how long he napped for. It was glorious, everything I needed to know right there in the palm of my hand. And what no one warns you of, is how sad it feels to have that taken away instantly. I no longer get those updates; it was something I was not prepared for. But what was I most not prepared for… LUNCHES! When I tell you the thought of planning a lunch for my son everyday when I do not even plan one for myself is rough. I’ve found myself googling, pinteresting, tikoking any sort of meal ideas for my son.

On the plus side, I say he’s about 50/50 on the completion department.

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